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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hey, Hey, More Scarves

Keep on keepin' on. I have this mental image of my loom smokin' away!

This is the first of the Fire Combo yarn I bought the other day. The warp (vertical yarn) is the Fire Combo

Here I am ready to begin the second scarf. I experimented with a red-purple weft for a few rows. There is a hint of an earthy purple in the weft but I think this was too much. For now. I may try it on the third.

Here is the second. I decided to use a black weft. Very dramatic. It looks like a tapestry.

Which demonstrates how colors can be picked up, blended together, or play off each other. Always fun.

And here is my new favorite, Samuel Smith's Imperial Stout. It's a good thing.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Yes! I went up to Webs yesterday to pick up more yarn. I'm working on my line of tencel scarves. It was so difficult to choose what colors I wanted because I couldn't buy one of each! Color in weaving is different from combining colors in knitting, I feel. The very nature of weaving patterns allows the use of more analogous colorways on the one hand, but can also be used to blend colors not ordinarily used in, for example, the clean layout of an advertisement. Even the subtle use of a very bold color in an otherwise subdued piece can change the mood of the woven piece.

It's just so dad-burned fun.

So here is my selection:

Fire combo (reds, oranges, golds), Gray Blue, Black, Spice (on top), Gold, Mountain combo (blues, greens, ochres), and a skein of Glitter (orange, burgundy) from Yarntopia

I am currently winding warp with the Fire combo - yay!

I am very happy to have sold a couple of scarves this week. One is new and one I've had up for the winter:

But this is new, also, in the shop:

I retook pictures of this chenille scarf and I'm much happier with the way they turned out:

Saddleback scarf

Thursday, August 20, 2009


In an attempt to clear some things off my to-do list, I decided to go use the drill press and drill holes in some things. I hadn't used it in months. Maybe even last year. I was going along, but the drill bit kept sliding up the drill-bit-holder-thingy (yeah, I know - can you hear trouble coming?). I'm wondering if I'm missing another part. You know, the one that keeps the bit tight and straight? Who knows. Anyway, the drill bit is now stuck in the holder thing.

And I broke the drill bit.

And I can't get the drill-bit-holder-thingy to open up.


I'm so freakin' happy and cannot wait to tell Matt. Of course, I could have waited to ask him how to use it again, but he probably would have wound up getting testy even before he finished showing me what to do.

I'm so p.o.'d. No neighbors around to help now. So, I'm having a beer, and being all testy myself.

Anyway here is what's on the loom now:

It's tied on to the warp from the previous scarves. I'm making three, almost the same. There is a slight variation to the diamond pattern in the second one. I should have enough red warp to finish the third. It's such a rich, ruby red. There will be one for each of the stores and one for Etsy.

And I will be taking a trip up to Webs next week for more yarn because I need more tencel for these projects. Really I do! I know I never need an excuse to go to Webs (unless I am flat broke) but this time it's real!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Still Here!

It's been over a week since I last posted, I think. Matt was on vacation last week and sometimes when your DH is on vacation at home, it can be a little like babysitting or being on call. Not that he didn't have anything to do (building a stone wall, getting together new gear for the upcoming moose hunt next month, cleaning his guns, mowing the lawn) but I never know when I will be beckoned. Plus, with the hot weather I did want to make sure he was well-hydrated.

On the other hand, when he was working on the wall, it gave me concentrated time to work on my projects. Here are my latest pieces:

Fall towels in gold, burgundy, and cayenne.

The first in a series of diamond twill scarves, on 8 shafts.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hemp and Henna Blogs

My Hemp and Henna scarf is in Lil Fish Studio's blog. The scarf and I are so happy. Than you, Lil Fish. Check out her beautiful felted items, especially all the little acorns, just right for fall!

This morning Matt and I went to the range. I shot the Henry and got a couple of bulleyes. He bought a Browning .30-06 Medallion yesterday for the big moose hunt. I shot that, too, one, with the last bullet. A beautiful gun!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's Up!

My feature in Kathy Crabbe's blog, Soul Reader is up! Enjoy and thank you, Kathy! Click here to read.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Featured Artist!

I am one of the featured artists on Kathy Crabbe's blog Soul Reader, highlighting the full moon in Aquarius on August 5. As each full moon enters one of the twelve signs, we are influenced by the characteristics of that sign; it's challenges and lessons it offers.

Kathy is, literally, a soul reader, and has helped many people, including artists, uncover their gifts and talents. She can be found at her blog, Soul Reader, at Kathy Crabbe, and at LuLu Design.