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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving . . .

to my American friends and if you live elsewhere in the world, I hope you have a great day, too!

I am trying to get a bit of work done here and hopefully begin measuring warp for more scarves, as I'll have little chance to do that before Sunday, I think. Much of today will be spent shopping for last minute things, baking two pumpkin pies, making applesauce, cranberry sauce, and a list of other chores I have.
Here are the latest in the shop:

Absinthe Crocheted Bracelet

And my new series, Cottage:

Cottage Water Lilies I

Have a safe and happy day!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas in Connecticut

I'm so proud to be in this lovely treasury created by fellow Etsian and Nutmegger, Faery Moon Goddess! My Roaster Coaster is hanging out there with all the other wonderful handmades.

A Connecticut Christmas

Please give it a look and comment!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Friday!

It's a cold, frosty morning here but the sun is shining and the sky is "bright and wide and blue" (reference to Patty Griffin's song "Goodbye". Whenever I'm singing that in the car and the sky is bright and wide and blue, my eyes tear up.). But I have my coffee and my knitting and I have started winding warp for more scarves. I've been doing more knitting this past week or so. Fingerless mitts and arm warmers. I need to wear my wrist brace (aka "The Club" per my husband) so I can continue to knit and play guitar without my hand constantly falling asleep and going numb.
So, here are the latest items:

SuperGirl Arm Warmers in Raspberry Smoothie

I have fingerless mitts, too but I haven't decided where to put them Swift Waters needs more things and I think my sister of Gwynevere Creations is having an open house next month. Plus, I have more scarves to photograph.

Have a happy Friday!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thank You . . .

for listening to me rant and sing. (big smile)
Ok, I'm still not ready for the holiday season, unless thinking about how I should get ready is ready. If you know what I mean. It snowed here yesterday but thankfully it's all melted now and I didn't have to haul out the snow blower.

I finally took pictures of a couple of pendants I made months ago. I am getting away from the mixed media jewelry, although I love it and have a few things left in the shop. I've been moving more towards just the weaving, a bit of knitting, and maybe more guitar string pendants. I just posted this in the shop today:

High E string (will be in shop tomorrow, probably)

Triple B Guitar String Pendant

Also, coming soon, another pair SuperGirl Arm Warmers.
Take care!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Please Hand Me Another Slate and Chisel. Thanks.

I had good intentions to post a real entry today. But, alas, there goes another stone on the road to hell. Bad internet connection.

I'm working on another pair of arm warmers, posted a couple new ones in my shop, as well as another light weight scarf. Yes, I know, a blog without pictures is good for not much more than insomnia. It would take probably 7,000 years to post one picture.

But, I wanted to write something, so here it is. I'm listening to Patty Griffin's "Christina". Beautiful song.

As you will see above you, I have posted (well, I will try) a new song I wrote. For lack of other things today.

Have a good evening and thanks for reading and listening (if you did).


Monday, November 1, 2010

Heard in My Head: I Can't Believe It's November

I'm not ready for this.

I had the last summer farmers' market yesterday. Not too bad, except for the wind gusts and me visibly shaking. I forgot to bring my own pair of hand knit fingerless gloves. But I did have some for sale and sold a pair!

I have just listed a pair of arm warmers on Etsy, with another ready to go tomorrow:

SuperGirl Arm Warmers

I've got some scarves but, again, I have to see what I want to go to the stores and what should go up on Etsy.

I'm sleepy today. I'll get over it.

Have a good day!