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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Goodbye, Irene

We got out ok from the storm. Luckily, no loss of power or trees. Two neighbors lost a tree each but I am thankful they didn't fall on any houses.

Now, witht the windows open, a refreshing light, cool breeze, a refreshing tv program that is so far away from any storm coverage, and Bon Iver tunes in my ears, I am feeling relaxed and a little sleepy.

I am eternally grateful for our safety.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Good Night, Irene . . .

Seriously. Don't swing by, don't drop in, don't stop by. Go to sea. Stay away.

I'm getting ready to get ready for my first farmers' market day of the year and there's this hurricane out there, growing stronger, wreaking havoc, threatening to come up the coast. It won't make landfall here in Connecticut so I am thankful for that,  there could be rain and wind. We're good. We don't need that. Send the rain to Texas.

Anyway, I am wrapping up a few projects. I've got some scarves on the loom, some fingerless mitts on the needles, some display ideas in my head. I've got to buy another ink cartridge for the printer, print out more tags, tag and properly inventory more items, put new items into Square.

Yes, it's Tuesday. Such a beautiful, cool morning. I made good coffee this morning.

Guess it's time to get to work! Maybe I'll surprise myself!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Something to Love, Some Thing to Love

Good morning! One of my favorite times of the day is drinking-coffee-time-morning with the computer. It's a real time. In my world. Here is some eye candy to go along with that coffee, since I really don't eat donuts.

Carte Postale purse by Rosies Armoire

Platinum Fire Choker by Efia Fair
Broken Plate Pendant on Chain - Pink Vintage Telephone - Recycled China by The Broken Plate
Earthy Crackle Handblown Glass Pumpkin with Natural Stem by Avolie Glass

I love pumpkins, too. In fact, I just finished a pair of pumpkiny-colored fingerless mitts that need to be photographed! Today I will play pretend. Pretend it's not 85 while I take pictures.

Have a fun Thursday (or at least a low-stress one)!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's Still Summer

in the northern hemisphere, anyway.

You know this because it's August.
Because you are hot and your clothes are sticking to you.
Because you burned the back of your legs on your car seat.
Because you have to mow the lawn.
Because you really wish you could have a beer and play some tunes on the deck instead.

And I have this little summery thing up in the shop. Very cute. Very girly.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Last Post . . .

was July 6, I guess? Hm. Been kinda busy. My step-daughter's wedding. My step-son's birthday. My husband's birthday. A week up in the White Mountains. White Water rafting. And a couple of other things thrown in for good measure.

Now it is August. Yesterday the humidity felt like a blanket but I made lots of progress on knitting. My wrist aches but I'll just slap that stupid brace on and continue knitting, weaving, and playing guitar.

Here are two and a half pairs of fingerless mitts I made last week and this weekend. All with Peace Fleece yarn I got up in New Hampshire. All the colors just mesmerized me. I'm going to start the mate to the blue one today. That should finish up the green. It's a little brighter green that my monitor is showing. More toward a Kelly green but not THAT bright. I also bought a skein of  a burnt orange color that I haven't busted open yet!

These will be divided between my Etsy store and at least one other store.