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Monday, December 29, 2008

Back to Work

New items uploaded on Etsy yesterday and today. I am winding warp for more chenille scarves because I have none on Etsy and none at Swift Waters, I hope. I also knitted three neckwarmers.

I made the card wound with yarn this summer and had them at the Farmers Markets but then forgot about them. So, I thought, why not put them up on Etsy as supplies. They are one yard each of yarn on a handmade tag. So, we'll see.

I also made some bookmarks. They are good to whip up at the end of a project because they are so small and quick.

Check out the coolest pendant I ordered this weekend from beadymonkey:

Friday, December 26, 2008

My Baby's Back!

A wonderful Christmas! Matt woke up on Christmas Eve morning happy and pretty much out of his funk. Poor baby. With his aunt's death, his father's surgery, and his oldest away on her own for Christmas for the first time - you gotta give the guy a break. Now he's out hunting. It's muzzle loader season.

Here is the finished Blooming Leaf for my stepdaughter. She loved it! I'm so glad.

We had everyone over for Christmas Eve day. I love that day. Holiday preparations are over (too late if they're not!) and hearts are big. On Christmas we visited Matt's daughter then went up to see his parents. Very good day but very tiring.

Today I went to Webs up in Northampton, only a 45 minute drive for me. They had quite the sale and I had quite the Christmas cash. No pictures yet.

However, I did find some cool buttons on Etsy, which I ordered. I want to use them with some Malabrigo yarn I bought at Webs today:
The yarn is more magenta-colored and the blue is a medium blue. It looks tie-dyed. The buttons are made by mudcakes .

So now it is almost 11 pm and the cat has given up trying to get me to go to bed, after much meowing and carrying her toy mouse upstairs for me. I really should call it a day.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Snow and More Snow

Today I actually wanted to go shopping for some Christmas presents but there is much snow! So I am staying indoors and working on my projects. I did purchase two gifts on Etsy, though! Here is one for Matt. He won't ever read this so I can put it up.

I finished Green Blooming Leaf, Multi Blooming Leaf and a towel this morning. I hemmed Green and after I hem Multi I will wash them and Green will be ready to wrap. Multi will probably go up on Etsy and the towel I was thinking about embroidering. It's white cotton warp with green linen/cotton weft in a plain weave. So I want to punch it up a bit.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Good News

Well, this is good news. While I was waiting in the looooooooong line at the post office (to be expected, the Friday before Christmas, but I'm glad!), I got a message from Swift Waters saying I needed to drop by with some new items because I have lots of empty spaces on my rack. Yea! But I am still working on Blooming Leaf, which won't take that long, but I'm not sure I can whip up more chenille scarves before Sunday or Monday. So, I'm thinking I will do my best on that, take some items off Etsy, and those fingerless mittens that would have been a gift (still haven't decided who) will go to the store.

I'm cranking along! So, now I need to get off the computer and work.

And shovel some snow.

Coffee Calamity


I almost resorted to sucking coffee off the floor through a straw! I love my coffee maker. It's wonderful. It's a Grind and Brew. But you have to shove the basket in and make sure it is locked in or you will experience the joys of having brewing coffee bypassing the carafe, leaking onto the counter, into the drawer, down the cabinet and onto the floor. Fun. I have managed to do this not once, but at least twice in my time here. Everything is pretty much cleaned up, the coffee tastes as good as ever, but the drawer is still drying out and I will have to bleach the grout between the tiles before Matt gets home. Hopefully the rich barista smell that may linger will be like a warm homecoming to him after what will be a tedious drive home from work today. Remember, there is a "weather event" for my area.

On a good note I sold a scarf last night! Yea! I am wrapping it up and tripping off to the post office this morning before said weather event begins (sound scary, suspenseful music).

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Impending Snow Storm(s)

They are talking up a couple or three big storms! We'll see if it delivers. I know big storms and the last one I saw was in Newport, RI in January 2005.

Working away on Blooming Leaf. It's coming along nicely. I have to decide on a color for the second one, as I don't have enough green for two. That's always fun. Playing with colors.

I thought of a nice Christmas present I can make for my husband to commemorate our wedding. It will be nice enough (i.e. not too girly) to take to the office.

I need sales on etsy : ( I'm researching different promotional ideas. I think Swift Waters is doing ok but I only get paid there once a month. I did well for November.

Baking some stollen bread today, maybe cookies. I should take Buffy outside because it's not precipitating today.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Working Away

Here is Green Blooming Leaf on the loom. I like the way its' coming along.

I must go make meatloaf now.

My Arm Didn't Even Fall Off, Either

I finished winding the warp for Blooming Leaf and my arm didn't even fall off. And it shouldn't have, either because there are only 258 ends. Pphh! I've done way more than that.

I also started threading last night. So I'm cranking along, between that, the socks, and whatever I come up with my jewelry I have plenty to do. Plus being online, which is no easy feat with this computer. It's a step up from chiseling a stone.

It's snowy/sleety here. We are supposed to have some big weather events on Friday and Sunday. We have a Christmas party ACROSS THE STREET on Saturday, which couldn't be better. Matt can have more than one adult beverage if he wishes.

He's very quiet sad now, though, because of Aunt Alice and so am I. Plus his dad had surgery yesterday but he's doing ok but Alice was his sister. So, it's just so awful.

But I finally heard from my sister! She has been buried deep, or rather, sucked into, the whirling vortex of the January issue of Memphis Downtowner. She needs a glass of wine.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

With Love

This is Ted, Alice, and little Cleo. Alice and Ted are Matt's aunt and uncle. Alice passed away early this morning after long illnesses. She had a sharp wit, a sharp tongue, very funny stories. I loved hearing her stories. We will miss her so much.


Today my thoughts are with my father-in-law who is having surgery today. Also, I am thinking of Aunt Alice, hoping her pain is gone. I am praying for them.

Yesterday was so warm - almost 60 - that I took Buffy outside. It was very windy, though, and it flattened her wool so that she looked like a prairie dog. She's not used to the outdoors yet and she didn't mind the wind, ran around a bit, but eventually backed into a corner. So we went in.

Today it is snowing a bit.

I started a pair of socks, Cable Rib Socks designed by Erica Alexander, from Interweave Knits, Spring 2005. I LOVE Interweave Knits, et. al.

Also, I began measuring the warp for two runners. I am using 10/2 cotton in natural for the warp. I am going to use the the Blooming Leaf draft from the "bible", A Handweaver's Pattern Book by Marguerite Davison. I have a lovely sage green cotton/linen for the pattern weft, and I'll use the cotton for the supplementary. My arm gets tired from warping, though. I'm trying to work out my muscles at the gym - those muscles on the top of your arms. I don't know what they are called. Anyway, my right arm should be like Popeye's now.

Monday, December 15, 2008

My Two Left Hands

a loaf of
I finished a pair of fingerless mittens this weekend, furiously knitting while spending quality time with my husband. He was watching football yesterday. Actually, the Bills/Jets game was pretty exciting. A fire and a glass of wine would have been nice, but I think he was a little blue. Plus, as we live in the land of Puritans, liquor - I mean, "package" - stores are not open on Sundays in Connecticut.

Anyway, these were knit from one ball of yarn and the results are slightly eclectic, colorwise. I like it. It may make a nice Christmas present for someone - HMMMMMMM.

I must get started on a weaving project - two runners. One is a Christmas present!

But I did some baking this weekend, too. I made a pear-almond tea bread, a loaf of white bread, and molasses cookies. I don't know why. It's Christmas and it seemed like the fun thing to do.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The first day of the rest of . . .

This is the first day of the rest of my blogging life. It will be a quick one. I have to clean Buffy little house today so that I don't drive my husband insane.

Note said bunny to left.

I'd like to do some weaving/knitting/crafting stuff today but I have a feeling we may go visit my father-in-law today, as he is scheduled for surgery on Tuesday. And that's more important.