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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Evening All Afternoon


I sold my Evening All Afternoon scarf this week. This was made on the same warp (yarn going the long way) as Pantomime but using different colored wefts (yarn going the short way, or horizontally).

The idea for these scarves came to me as I was watching CPTV, our public channel here in Connecticut. It was early in the morning and the alarm went off so I watched a bit of tv before I got up. I have no idea what the program was or who the artist was and I think it was in Spanish. Basically, the program showed some beautiful wooden tables, plain, but maybe they were made of salvaged wood. Then there was an exhibit that showed cubby holes cut out in walls, found objects from drug war zones in central America placed inside (shoes, I remember), and a sheer fabric placed over the hole. Very haunting.

But at some point there was a painting or a door, which appeared to have been painted red but was weathered to shades of gray. The weathering followed the wood grain and I was struck by this image the most. Sometimes I become absolutely mesmerized by images. It can be a little unnerving to be so captivated by something, to try to remember it and burn it into my brain, then try to figure out how to translate it into something. That's what happened that morning. I would have honored the artists and their work by naming the scarves after them but I could not find out what the program was.

Hence, the two scarves above. It was a fun project. I'd like to do more. These things sometimes have a way of taking you down a road that you had not expected, giving you food for other ideas or changing your current ideas and plans due to technical challenges or my own limited abilities at this time. Or sometimes, as you move forward with an idea, you meet with new ideas, much as you would walking down a path in the woods or in normal interactions with people, music, books. And I feel like my head is going to explode.

Note: always carry a writing instrument and paper with you.

Merry Christmas! And even if you don't celebrate, it's still a day on the calendar, so have a good one!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sleepy Moon Soap Open House

Are you going to be in eastern Connecticut today? Stop by Sleepy Moon Soap's Open House, set in a charming cottage on beautiful Baily Farm in Franklin, CT. Candles glow and a wood burning stove set the scene to smell all the delicious soaps, try some mulled wine, and tasty goodies. Do some holiday shopping for soaps, silver jewelry by White Crane Design, Lu Lu Design handmade handbags, Dot Drobney photo cards, and my scarves! Handcrafted soaps make good stocking stuffers, gifts, or use everyday for extra special pleasure! Winter will be there to answer your questions. She also gives soap making lessons!

Visit the link for more information on today's event, which runs 11 - 4, or information on soapmaking classes and where to buy Sleepy Moon Soaps.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

OMG - It's Snowing! (Um, it's December)

Newly listed yesterday! Wishing in Colors Muted Fingerless Mitts. Here's another picture:

Yes, it is indeed snowing here. The roads are bad. The schools are closed. I did go to the gym and worked out with, like, five other people, but I am back now at my favorite time of day. Morning coffee and the computer. Ahhhhhhh.

But this week I am scrambling to get more done. I have the farmers' market on Sunday and I hope that will be a good holiday shopping day. I've got some ideas for stocking stuffers that I am working on. And scarves. And fingerless gloves.

Here is my latest, which made its debut at the market last weekend. I was lucky to be at the computer last Sunday morning when a cancellation came up and a table was available that morning! Last minute, but good!
Nordic Tribal In Black and White I
I have another black and white, version II, and one more in earth tones I dropped of at Indigo Lily that already sold!

Working on more! I need to get more off to Silver Circle Studio and Indigo Lily!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy December

Coffee Cream scarf

No Christmas tree yet, but maybe next Sunday, after Matt gets back from hunting.

No Christmas shopping done yet. That will happen. Eventually. Before Christmas.

Lots of weaving! I sold somethings at Indigo Lily, a shop in Colchester, CT, so I am making more to drop off on Friday. I can't believe it's Wednesday already!

If you are in the eastern Connecticut area this Saturday or next, you might want to drop by Bailey Farm in Franklin for Sleepy Moon Soaps Open House event, from 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Winter, artisan soap maker, will host this event, offering such lovely seasonal scents as Mistletoe, Cinnamon Sugar, and Pomegranate Black Current. I just bought Sandalwood Rose at the last farmers' market. Visit the Sleepy Moon newsletter for more information.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Still on the slow dial up for now, so it takes 8 times as long to do anything.

The pumpkin pie is done, even though my husband went out and bought one after I told him I was making one (I ALWAYS make one. I think I even made one when I was going through chemo) and mine are very good. There are two pumpkin breads in the oven because there was so much pumpkin left over. The pie and bread are made from pumpkins I bought from a local farm.

The cranberry tangerine relish is in the fridge and is VERY good. Lots of things done but lots more to do tomorrow! We are having 12 people over, so that's nice.

Even though I am crabbing about this stupid dial up connection and my husband is being so surly lately I do have to be thankful for my health, my friends and family, I live in a nice house, have food and live in the greatest country on earth.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! And for those who are in other places that don't celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Patience . . .

It may be a virtue but I'm running pretty low on it these past few days. Back on a slow internet connection until . . . whenever. We'll see.

However, I will post my latest here:

Magenta Palette scarf

This scarf was fun to weave. The warp (yarn going the long way) is tencel in jewel tones. the weft (horizontal) is a wool yarn from Koigu, which has so many handpainted color combinations. It's a beautiful yarn and I'm glad I had some to use in this scarf.

Today I'll work on things to take to Swift Waters tomorrow.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I took a little trip up to Boston with my husband early this week. It's only an hour and a half from us, so just a little jaunt! He had business and - I didn't! So I walked the Freedom Trail, which is a really great way to see some of the famous and historical sites around Boston. I'd
walked it before but it's always a fun thing to do.

You love his beer but remember that Samual Adams was a patriot and a signer of the Declaration of Independence!

Granary Burial Ground, where you will find the tombs of Ben Franklin, Sam Adams, Paul Revere, and many other patriots

A pew at the Old North Church

Memorial Garden on the Freedom Trail. Each dog tag represents a life given in the Afghan and Iraq wars

Dog Tags
Salutation Tavern and Green Dragon Tavern plaque - sites of the planning of the Boston Tea Party and the early yearrs of the Revelution, respectively.

Paul Revere Mall

Paul Revere
And, my latest scarf, Kancamagus Highway on a Teal Day, listed Monday and sold by the time I got back from Boston! I was going to save it to send to an open house at Sleepy Moon Soaps in Franklin, CT but thought, I'll list it for now. Glad I did!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


The holidays shouldn't really sneak up on me. They don't. I see them out tof the corner of my eye, but I'm over here, la la la, playing with my yarn, listening to my music, daydreaming, and POOF! They're in my face. I'm just sayin' . . .
Here are a couple of holiday-ish things in my shop:

Blank notecards with a handwoven piece on the front, set of four.

Little Red Reindeer Ornament

Very sweet framed glass ornament, embossed with one of the eight tiny reindeer.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Slacker Blogger

But it's been a tough week - a tough month. Granted, I don't always make things easy on myself. But my husband has been traveling out of the country for the past week and a half, which is cool. I can handle that. I got lots of work done. For two weeks before that he was mad and not talking and I don't know why, so I just cried by myself every day. Anyway, our car was broken into last week, window smashed and the gps stolen. On Sunday I did the farmers' market by myself - fine, I've done that before. But on the way home I went to the store and backed into some guys (smaller) truck. Just a bump, mind you. His headlight cover had a small crack in it and there was a faint scratch on the bumper - the painted part.

I apologized and he was mad. I don't blame him, but dude, I'm sorry and what do you want me to do? Slit my throat? Here's the insurance card.

So, I have to tell my husband that when he gets home. He already knows about the broken-in-car incident. He's so tired from 13 hour time changes and travels to three countries. I'm tired, too. I will have to plan something very special to break the news.

On the other hand, a woman came up to me at the market because someone told her I was "the weaver" there. She gave me a bag of bobbins, a bobbin winder, a cone stand, and some shuttles. She wasn't weaving anymore. I asked her how much for this and she said, "Nothing. Enjoy them." And I almost cried (big surprise). I'm speechless. What a good, generous person.

What a confusing month.

Now for some eye candy, because nobody wants to look at a huge block of text.

Here is my latest scarf from mohair I bought at Rhinebeck from Kid Hollow Farm. I made two and I'm keeping one for myelf.

Note to self: brushed mohair is very difficult to weave on a regular loom. I think you need a rigid heddle loom. But I'm glad I didn't know that first because they did come out beautiful!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Treasury (on my blog)

I was going to try to make a treasury today on Etsy but treasury time and real life time (waiting for openings to make one) are worlds apart. So, if I happen to be at my computer when there is an opening, great. Meanwhile, I'm making my own here, in honor of the New York State Sheep and Wool Fest this weekend in Rhinebeck, NY. Enjoy!

The look of love by Honey Tree

Sunlight Lincoln Locks 1 Oz from Hackberry Studio

Organic Pumpkin Pie Marshmallows by Have It Confections

Monday, October 12, 2009

If You Are a Red Sox Fan . . .

. . . cue funeral dirge . . .

I'm sorry. (I'm really bummed.)

Ok, enough of that. We must move on.
I sold this on Friday! "Gossamer In Pink" knitted wire and bead bracelet.

And made this on Saturday! I'm calling it "Gathering" (I'm almost 100% sure . . .). I'll be listing it on Etsy later. It's beaded wire, knitted.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I need tags for my scarves. So sad, I don't put tags with my company name on my handwovens. I have some but they are white and I'm not sure I want to put white tags on everything. I think I'd rather have the tags match more closely the color of the finished product.

Then I think I'm being too anal and should just go with black.
At any rate, I'm a little tee'd off at myself for not taking this more seriously. I'll get on it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
On another note, the farmers' market this past Sunday was a great success! I sold my favorite scarf along with a couple of others I love (I love them all . . )

"Lost" was my favorite.

"Postscript Weekend" That's my dad as a young man in the picture.


"Outside My Window"

"Gold Diamonds"

And with that, I'm off to make more!