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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Something I Love

I love forms of mixed media. I love clip art.

Collage sheets (I LOVE collage sheets)
Ribbons and lace
Tiny picture frames
Doo Dads
Those shiny things
That stuff that no one knows what to do with
That stuff nobody knows where it came from
However, all this stuff won't fit into the hours of the day that I'm supposed to have (gee whiz). So, I haven't played with my fun stuff in a long time. I'm not ready to give it up so I am not destashing. I still like to visit them from time to time. Plus, I think that, somehow, they feed my other projects.
Some of the jewelry I've made is on sale in my shop. Here's one piece.

Mystery Bird Necklace

Check out my Sale page for more items and free shipping!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Poor Blog

Dear Little Blog,

I'm sorry I have been neglecting you. I'm so happy to see you and know that you are there but sometimes I don't know what to say. I think about you often, though. And I'm usually not for a loss of words, but those words don't often make sense.

Maybe I'll give it a try though (*bling!* That's a light bulb going on.)

I'm happy that I sold a set of my Roaster Coaster this week. I have more to put up and another set to throw in the washer/dryer. We'll see how those come out.

This is new in the shop. I have a blue set of Cottage scarves that are ready to take off the loom. One is off, having been trimmed, embellished with a flower and washed. It's probably dry now and read to be ironed. Three more to go.

Cottage March Awakens

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Air Elements

I made a treasury on Etsy (a curated list of items in some sort of theme). I think they made it much easier nowdays to make one. I must have gotten a whiff of spring - grass, a breeze, dirt, and sunshine. It made me think of breezing off into the air. So here is my first treasury.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Roaster Coaster Handwoven Coaster Set March by coffeebreakdesigns

Roaster Coaster Handwoven Coaster Set March by coffeebreakdesigns: "Roaster Coaster Handwoven Coaster Set March Ever HopefulFrom coffeebreakdesigns Spring colors, spring flavor! It’s a set of two matching handwoven mats in fresh greens, with a bit of brilliant blue sky and buds in pinks, lavenders, and oranges. For you coffee mug. Or keys. Or a candle. Protect furniture surfaces from scratches. Add a little homey touch to your workspace.

This is for a set of two mats.

Mixed fibers including cotton, wool, linen, rayon.

May be machine washed and dried.
Measures approximately 6” x 5” (not including fringe)"

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Marketing Through Colors: Prefixes

Here's an interesting read on writing descriptions for products. I hope it gives my brain a little nudge.
Marketing Through Colors: Prefixes

Eye Candy

I've been seeing some amazing yarns around. Here are some of my favorites. I'm inspired.
by Yarntopia

by Adriannemae

by Storybook Fibers

by Primdollie

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy March

I hope!

The weather is slowing turning here. Very slowly. But we've had a tough winter so any day in the 40's is a pleasant surprise! Here is some color for the changing season, a couple of additions to the Cottage collection:

Cottage March Ever Hopeful scarf

Cottage January Hymn Scarf

Here is a nice fluffy mohair wrap if you're feeling cold and need to snuggle

Evening Echo scarf

And finally, 226 yards of merino/tencel yarn I finished spinning last week or so. Not sure what the plans are for this. I should just keep spinning. Lord knows I have the wool.