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Friday, January 9, 2009

Seriously, the cat really threw up.

No pictures, sorry. But it could be a good excuse.

Sorry I'm late but the cat threw up.

Sorry your pie chart is not done: the cat threw up on my keyboard.

The cat threw up on my shoe.

The cat threw up on the monthly report then I threw up on the cat.

I am now following a weaving blog that has an interesting history:

Seriously, knitting and crocheting are not handweaving. I also hate when people blatantly confuse knitting and crocheting. I hate when people try to draw you into their fun fur world of crocheted scarves and try to make you look at them because they tagged their item crochet, fun fur, yarn, HANDWOVEN.

NOT. Stop!

When I see handwoven, I want it to have been made on a loom. Not near a loom. Not while you were thinking of a loom. Not while you were ordering your first loom online. Not when your cat puked on a loom while you were crocheting your fun fur scarf.

Now I am being a weaving Nazi.

Oh, well.

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