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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Patience . . .

It may be a virtue but I'm running pretty low on it these past few days. Back on a slow internet connection until . . . whenever. We'll see.

However, I will post my latest here:

Magenta Palette scarf

This scarf was fun to weave. The warp (yarn going the long way) is tencel in jewel tones. the weft (horizontal) is a wool yarn from Koigu, which has so many handpainted color combinations. It's a beautiful yarn and I'm glad I had some to use in this scarf.

Today I'll work on things to take to Swift Waters tomorrow.


  1. Your new scarf is so pretty! I love Koigu yarn - they have such a lovely color palette. Nicely done. :) Theresa

  2. Thanks, Theresa! The Wool Connection in Avon used to have almost all their colors, it seems, so it was so wonderful to see them all together. But, sadly, the Wool Connection is no longer, as the owner retired. :(

  3. Hey Leslie! Enjoyed your website! Glad to hear that you are are healthy!!

    Your friend from the past in Cleveland-Jimmy :)

  4. Jimmy! Hey! Good to hear from you! Are you on Facebook?

  5. Unfortunately I am not on Facebook :( I saw you on there though when I was checking old friends out and thought I would get in touch through your website! I am really happy to see that you are doing something that you love! Hope we can chat sometime although I am not sure if I will get hooked up with facebook!