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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

OMG - It's Snowing! (Um, it's December)

Newly listed yesterday! Wishing in Colors Muted Fingerless Mitts. Here's another picture:

Yes, it is indeed snowing here. The roads are bad. The schools are closed. I did go to the gym and worked out with, like, five other people, but I am back now at my favorite time of day. Morning coffee and the computer. Ahhhhhhh.

But this week I am scrambling to get more done. I have the farmers' market on Sunday and I hope that will be a good holiday shopping day. I've got some ideas for stocking stuffers that I am working on. And scarves. And fingerless gloves.

Here is my latest, which made its debut at the market last weekend. I was lucky to be at the computer last Sunday morning when a cancellation came up and a table was available that morning! Last minute, but good!
Nordic Tribal In Black and White I
I have another black and white, version II, and one more in earth tones I dropped of at Indigo Lily that already sold!

Working on more! I need to get more off to Silver Circle Studio and Indigo Lily!


  1. It is snowing here too. WE got about 10 inches so far and most stuff is closed down here too.


  2. Holy crap - yup that's a lot of snow! I grew up in the Syracuse, NY area, so I saw lots of it but not AS much here in CT.

  3. Wow - so I got about .01 inches of snow yesterday, and I almost had a meltdown! I am SUCH a loser right now... lol