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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Silent Movie

Here is a scarf that is new to my Etsy store, but not newly handwoven.

The warp is silk, wool, and a metallic blend yarn. The weft is mohair. I wove this a few years ago (maybe three?) and it was living at Swift Waters in Willimantic. It's beautiful and classic and the silk and mohair have a sheen naturally found in those fibers. The metallic blend yarn gives the scarf a little sparkle an interest but is not overpowering. The yarn is handpainted and very high quality.
The mohair gives the scarf a lovely, slight halo (little fibers fluffing out) but it might be a little scartching for wearing directly around some necks (mine included). I have to be honest because I wouldn't want someone to buy this, then have it irritate them. Some people aren't bothered by the mohair, though. Either way, this would look beautiful draped around the coat collar of a gray, tan, or black coat.

I have to take more pictures of another scarf today (we are getting more snow on Wednesday) so I will be posting another new scarf in the store later!


  1. This scarf is gorgeous...what a beautiful name you've given it. I adore the fuzziness of mohair. :) Theresa

  2. Thank you, Theresa! Watch that snow!