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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Picture Perfect

It's a beautiful warm day here in New England. I've been working on new items, finishing, washing, labeling, listing, adding things to my inventory lists, PHOTOGRAPHING. Ok, I'm not yelling. It's just been on my mind lately.

I've been having fun photographing my new things and I like the results. I think they are pretty good, for now, until I get better. And I've learned so much since I've been on Etsy.

That said, sometimes I look at some of my older photography and cringe. It's time to go back and reshoot some things.

Yes, that means I have to find said item in inventory, take off the tag, and iron it. But it's worth it.

Here is my first piece:

I actually love this picture and I think I will leave it alone. But two others:

These two need work. They're poopy pictures. Stay tuned to see how the new ones come out. I'm interested, too, because I'm still working out some ideas and locations in my head.

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