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Monday, March 2, 2009


Here is my latest weaving project. It was hearted by a very talented weaver, Diane Thorp. Check out this window covering:

Isn't that gorgeous!

Yesterday I spent the day sleeping. I think I have some sort of the flu. I'm feeling a little better today but my cough sounds like I smoke two packs a day. Gross.

Plus, we're having a blizzard. But that doesn't bother me much, except that Matt is driving down to NJ today. I made him take a big comforter just in case he gets stuck somewhere. I wanted to throw in some granola bars but we didn't have any. Then I thought, even if we did, I'd have eaten them all.

Yesterday was my sister, Shannon's, birthday.


Visit her shop on Etsy, Gwynevere Creations.

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