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Friday, March 13, 2009

Creative . . .


Ugh. Sorry, but that's been my state of mind this week. I thought it was because I was sick last week and I had to get back into it. but upon reading through some of the posts on Etsy, I think I am not alone. At any rate, all the bottled up ideas are slowly coming out. Instead of wallowing in it, I am just ignoring it and plodding ahead.

I knit these up yesterday. Started them while I was working at Swift Waters.

Fingerless gloves knitted from yarn I spun and dyed, from Connecticut-grown sheep. Here are some more colors I have:

When I had a "real job" there was a guy I worked with who had a couple of sheep. He bought a house and the sheep came with it. So he kept them. He used to give me the wool. I have so much of it that I don't take it any more, but it was a good experience. I skirted it, cleaned all the hay bits, bugs, poop out of it, washed it and laid it out in the lawn to dry. It's Hampshire wool, so it's best for hard-wearing things. I never knew what to make with it. Then, I needed something to take to the store, so I grabbed it and I think it's working out well. I'm making something, therefore, adding some prune juice to my creative diet. These will go to Swift Waters, which has sold fingerless gloves in April.

I'm in Connecticut, after all.

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