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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Rain, Change, and Waiting for Yarn

Poor planning means I'm waiting for a box of yarn to arrive. I am weaving towels for Indigo Lily. I sent a set of four red and natural-colored ones out last week. Now it's blue and natural. I am amazed at the price I had to set for them. The yarn was $41, then there is my cost, so I hope people will find them beautiful enough to buy. They are very large, though, 30" x 16". They could be used for a mat, as well. Sorry, I wanted to get them out asap and didn't take pictures. I will have pictures of the blues, though.
For spring Bubblegum

Swift Waters in Willimantic is closing temporarily to move up the street. Opening day is April 14 with the GRAND Re-OPENING on April 17. The new location will be 866 Main St., downtown Willimantic, CT. If you are out and about there, be sure to check out Cafemantic. Excellent lattes! Third Thursday, the monthly street fest, begins in May!

And the rain has finally ended here in New England. Many schools in the southeastern part of the state are closed because of river levels and flooding. A measure of devestation used for flooding are the Connecticut Floods of 1955. Thankfully, this isn't another one, but states of emergency have been declared in some parts of the state.

So now that it's drying up, it's time for me to take more pictures!


  1. I can't believe all the rain we had here. So happy it's over! Your new scarf is really lovely - can't wait to see photos of the newer towels you are creating. Have a wonderful day! Theresa

  2. I'm happy it's over, too! Now to get ready for working outside. I hope to have some shots next week.

    Have a great day, too!