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Friday, September 24, 2010

The Heat is On

It's 90 today. It feels good, though.

I've done very well at the last two Farmers' Markets - so well that my loom is on fire again, trying to build up inventory for the next date, October 10, and for the stores and Etsy! I'm almost done with three today. Here is one:

Northern Lights tencel warp. Blues, greens, purples.

Northern Lights warp and olive chenille.

Barcelona scarf that sold at the last market.

More from the Barcelona series that sold or are residing at some stores.
In addition to weaving, watering the lawn and doing laundry, I also practice my guitar. Here is a song I wrote, for your listening pleasure - or not. I'm still a beginner, but that you if you listened!


  1. któregoś dnia zrozumiesz

  2. Thank you? I don't know what that means . . . sorry!

  3. hey groceries, give it time, winter is coming