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Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Line for Winter 2010 - 2011

The Cottage series is my new line of scarves for this winter. "Cottage" because they remind me a little of a cozy little house off the beaten path, away from the strip malls, box stores, traffic snarls, and the general energy-sucking atmosphere that is our daily grind (I am not a hermit or a Luddite, clearly, but we all need some quiet downtime occasionally). It's a place where there's always a warm fire, a pot of coffee or tea, some cookies or scones. A place where you may sit on a tattered, but most comfortable couch covered in faded, patched fabric. Some striped pillows, some floral, not always matching. You will find treasures you picked up from travels to Germany and ones you found at the local flea market. Read a book. Play your guitar. Watch the sunset. Wind down from the day.

Sometimes when I was weaving some of these scarves I felt like Van Gogh off the rails. It got a little wacky and I was reined in only because crazier materials and resources simply were not in reach. Yeah. It got a little manic. Thank goodness I only had yarn. But we'll see.

I'll pick up this project again after Christmas, as I have presents to make!

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