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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Something I Love

I love forms of mixed media. I love clip art.

Collage sheets (I LOVE collage sheets)
Ribbons and lace
Tiny picture frames
Doo Dads
Those shiny things
That stuff that no one knows what to do with
That stuff nobody knows where it came from
However, all this stuff won't fit into the hours of the day that I'm supposed to have (gee whiz). So, I haven't played with my fun stuff in a long time. I'm not ready to give it up so I am not destashing. I still like to visit them from time to time. Plus, I think that, somehow, they feed my other projects.
Some of the jewelry I've made is on sale in my shop. Here's one piece.

Mystery Bird Necklace

Check out my Sale page for more items and free shipping!

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