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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Something to Love, Some Thing to Love

Good morning! One of my favorite times of the day is drinking-coffee-time-morning with the computer. It's a real time. In my world. Here is some eye candy to go along with that coffee, since I really don't eat donuts.

Carte Postale purse by Rosies Armoire

Platinum Fire Choker by Efia Fair
Broken Plate Pendant on Chain - Pink Vintage Telephone - Recycled China by The Broken Plate
Earthy Crackle Handblown Glass Pumpkin with Natural Stem by Avolie Glass

I love pumpkins, too. In fact, I just finished a pair of pumpkiny-colored fingerless mitts that need to be photographed! Today I will play pretend. Pretend it's not 85 while I take pictures.

Have a fun Thursday (or at least a low-stress one)!

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