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Thursday, September 17, 2009

A New Venue

I'm now at Silver Circle Studio in Putnam, CT, aka The Quiet Corner! This is a new gallery, open less than a year. It was one of the places Matt and I stopped in while we were out there for the day. I remember being very excited about it and loving the jewelry and handmade books. I'm not sure why I didn't approach Carly about putting anything in there. Maybe I was being too shy (it happens) or I felt I had enough on my plate or I thought I would do it later. I guess all those things went through my mind. I'm a terrible marketer of myself sometimes. Anyway, it was suggested to me by someone I know from the farmers' market that I check it out. Carly said she had heard about me from someone else. I went out there yesterday, talked terms, and left two scarves there. I'm very excited and up for the challenge of providing for a fourth venue.

Now that I've gotten a production plan, that is.

I'm at the farmers' market this Sunday. It is Fiber Twist - fiber demonstrations and fiber animals. I am proud to take my little Buffy, who will be on display in all her fluffy goodness!

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