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Friday, September 11, 2009

Remember 9/11. And Scarf Weather is Here

Please take a moment to remember September 11 and pray for our country.

It is scarf weather, at least for today. Rainy. Cold. Dreary. Nobody likes scarf weather, except for me. Oh, I'd rather have sunny and warm weather, too, but I'm busy building my inventory!

Yesterday was trying, however. I was the yarn whisperer. My warp got all tangled up. I can't blame it on the cat, who shall remain nameless, who has slept on my warp before . . . It was my fault. I was trying to do something my way as opposed to doing it in the proper, more methodical manner. Therefore, I spent much time untangling it and showed an amazing amount of patience. I only wanted to throw something (the phone) once. But I didn't. Good for me. Because then I would have had to explain the broken phone and the hole in the wall, hence, only compounding things.

Scarf in diamond pattern with tencel in Mountain Stream (blues, teals, and tans) and black weft (for one of the b & m stores)

Spice Diamonds in tencel (sold)

Ruby Diamonds scarf (sold)

Cabernet scarf in tencel and merino

And I'm still making more!

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