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Monday, October 12, 2009

If You Are a Red Sox Fan . . .

. . . cue funeral dirge . . .

I'm sorry. (I'm really bummed.)

Ok, enough of that. We must move on.
I sold this on Friday! "Gossamer In Pink" knitted wire and bead bracelet.

And made this on Saturday! I'm calling it "Gathering" (I'm almost 100% sure . . .). I'll be listing it on Etsy later. It's beaded wire, knitted.


  1. I am indeed a Red Sox fan...this by far was our worst season in a long while. I was NOT a happy camper yesterday. :( But - on a more positive note - congratulations to you on your latest sale. I love the colors of your new bracelet - perfect for fall. :) Theresa

  2. I can't believe thye intentionally walked that runner with two men on base - UGH! I guess we won't have to suffer any more this season - only the sounds of gloating from the Yankee fans. boo.

    Thanks, though, for the congrats! I love copper colors, too. Working on more things. We'll see how they come out!