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Friday, October 22, 2010

Loot and a Paperweight

Got pictures of some of the yarn I picked up at Rhinebeck last week. There is some Brooks Farm (nice big booth, always crowded, with more colorways than you know what to do with! I always get something there.). There's also Bartlett Yarns (nice, rustic yarn from Maine). Persimmon Tree Farm (great yarns and roving, great color, with and without sparkle). Swift River Farm yarn (I'm going to make arm warmers or fingerless mitts out of that. It's brown and white marled yarn.)

Some Kid Hollow (the orange and blue yarns) and Autumn House Farm (the skein).

This is an arm warmer I'm knitting from AHHH! I can't locate the name of the yarn now. But I went back to the booth at the end of the day because I loved the marled pink. It's called peach but it looks pink to me. I'll find the name. It's around here somewhere because I'm so organized (ha).

And finally, a couple weeks ago my husband and I went to a little fair in Riverton. There was a glass studio, Greenwood Glass, there in an old church. We went in to see the beautiful glass ornaments, candle holders, even a chair! The owner, Peter Greenwood, asked if we would like to try making a glass paperweight or flower. My husband said, Yes, she would! So, I did! Peter walked me through the process and I made a paperweight! I just picked it up yesterday. I learned that glass must be annealed (a process by which the piece is slowly cooled. Otherwise it could explode due to internal stresses caused by rapid cooling <--- definition is partially from Wikipedia, partially from Peter, and partially from my husband.) It was ready the following day but we had to work around our schedules it have me pick it up.
Here I am cooling the glass with air. This is to be able to work it more.

And here it is!


  1. I would love to do that glassblowing experience and not far from here there is a small factory I should get going up there. Fabulous yarn!!!!

  2. This piece was molded but he can teach glass blowing, too! I would love to make a glass blown ornament next time! You should definitely do it! It only took about 15 - 20 minutes to make!

    The yarn is amazing! Too much fun! Thanks! :)

  3. Hi. Just wandering around the blogosphere when I came across this post of yours. I read a kinda weird book over the summer called "Shattered" by Dick Francis. It was really good and if your interested in glassblowing and a thriller genre, then you might like it too.