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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thank You . . .

for listening to me rant and sing. (big smile)
Ok, I'm still not ready for the holiday season, unless thinking about how I should get ready is ready. If you know what I mean. It snowed here yesterday but thankfully it's all melted now and I didn't have to haul out the snow blower.

I finally took pictures of a couple of pendants I made months ago. I am getting away from the mixed media jewelry, although I love it and have a few things left in the shop. I've been moving more towards just the weaving, a bit of knitting, and maybe more guitar string pendants. I just posted this in the shop today:

High E string (will be in shop tomorrow, probably)

Triple B Guitar String Pendant

Also, coming soon, another pair SuperGirl Arm Warmers.
Take care!

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