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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Bunch of Stuff

Garden variety of a bunch of stuff . . . literally.

Here is the new bed with mulch. It is a source of pride for my husband. It really is nice. I put up a birdhouse, made from a gourd I grew two years ago. However, the wind blew it off the tree and broke the stem off. It's on our dining room table now.

Look! My seedlings are getting bigger! It's hard to see but I have squash - butternut, spaghetti, and delectica. There are also cukes, tomatoes, and bok choy.
I also bought this ranunculus today. I love them. I wanted them in my wedding bouquet but was told they were more than roses. So I chose dalihas.

And finally, for now, I just finished these mug mats. I'm not in love with them. They're ok. I should have studied the pattern because the pattern is not centered. I should add the second nine threading section to the beginning of it to balance it out. The plain weaves are ok. I love the colors, though.
Now I am measuring warp for a shawl project.


  1. I wish I had a green thumb. I am just not any good with plants. Love mug mats!


  2. Thank you, PussDaddy! Good to see you. I can't wait to get everything in the garden. It's still in the 30's at night here.