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Friday, April 3, 2009

Good Buys

So, yesterday I purchased these on Etsy:

Mocha Java Exfoliating Soap

Fiji Spa - Neroli, Orange & Orange Blossom Water

The shop is Primitive Earth Soaps Co. Stop by and take a look around. They are working on new items, too!

I just made these:

Hemp scrubbies. They are knitted, two in a pretty butter yellow and two in a color called pearl, but it's like taupe. I know I will take some to the store but I may put some up on Etsy.

Rainy here today but it's good for the garden. Tomorrow I'd like to work in the yard, pruning the rose bushes, edging the beds, repotting some of the seedlings.


  1. Love that orange water - the scrubbies look good too!

  2. Thanks, Lynne! The scubbies were fun to make. I can't wait to get my soap!