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Thursday, April 23, 2009

New and Turkeys, Too!

Another silk tarot bag added to my store.

I am working on a third, which I should finish up by the weekend.

Watch out all you toms! Turkey season starts at dawn on Monday! Look who's trying to make a getaway:

Apprehended before leaving the scene.

Some delay on my latest shawls. The linen/cotton blend yarn is very slubby and of course I did not take that into consideration when I decided to us the 12-dent reed (12 slots or dents per inch, pretty standard). Anyhoo, the yarn kept jamming up behind the reed, creating balls of yellow fluff. I decided to bite the bullet, after 16 inches of this irritant, to cut the warp and re-sley, using my 5-dent reed instead. The 5-dent has 5 dents per inch, therefore making it wider for the yarn to go through.
And it's working.

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