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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Crackle Weave

Two views of crackle weave on my loom. It's a dynamic weave design that enhances color combinations. Treadling is pattern weave, tabby weave, pattern weave, tabby weave, etc. The tabby, or plain weave is the simple over, under of each warp and weft.

This picture shows the simple plain weave I did for two inches at the beginning of the project. This will serve as the hem I will fold over and sew after I take the runner off the loom. But I like this look very much, so I am considering doing one runner solely in plain weave.

I'm also thinking about doing another crackle weave project using a solid warp but changing the weft colors. This would make a nice shawl, too.

Here is my latest purchase, vintage buttons, from Shane Lily Rain on Etsy:

I spent some time yesterday driving out to some antique stores yesterday only to find they are cloed on Mondays and Tuesday. I want to go out again today but I really need to get some work done today.

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