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Monday, May 25, 2009

Remember Our Soldiers. Also Some New Garden Stuff

Remember those who serve and those who gave their lives for the freedoms we enjoy. Thank a soldier and a veteran.

Patriotism in truest form by Jrzy Girl Photography

My Big Poppy has finally bloomed. The two pictures above show the bud (very odd looking, isn't it?) and the flower this morning.

The first snow pea flower!

Lots of grapes on the grape vine.

My potatoes are getting bigger! You will all just have to deal with my fascination for growing these. I cannot explain it.

The two blueberry bushes - One loaded with berries and the other following behind with flowers. We will have to cover these with nets once they start ripening. The birds love them.

I'm hoping my mother will visit my blog soon. She's always loved gardening but is now limited to a container garden on her balcony.


  1. Thanks for stopping by and following me! Yay! I'm so happy to see you!

    I love gardening *sigh*.