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Thursday, June 11, 2009

New in the Store and Inspiring Creativity

I've got two new summer scarves in the shop. They debuted at the farmers market and now they are in my Etsy shop.

Here is something I could really use - herb tags. I grow some herbs and dry as much as I can but after they're hanging up for months, dry and crispy, I can't always tell what they are. Catnip is an exception. I always know which herb is catnip when I stick it in front of the cats' noses. Oregano? Lemon balm? Not so much.

So I came up with these herb tags to hang on the herbs as they dry. There are so many herbs, that I only made a few but can happily custom create others! Put them in a clay pot with seeds as a housewarming or teacher's gift.

I'd like to send a shout out to the creator of Thursday Sweet Treat, Natasha, who inspired me to set up a similar challenge on a bi-monthly (or so) at Swift Waters Artisans Co-op. Everyone gets busy but sometimes we need a little fire to get us going. I hope this will inspire people to challenge themselve to create or finish a project for:
Red, White, and Blue!

This will bring new items in the store and for the display windows in time for July 4th. Red, white, and blue and America never go out of style!
Now I need to get working on my own project!

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