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Friday, June 19, 2009

Tumultuous Week

Peace to Dorothy Korkuc, a neighbor on the street where I grew up. I'm praying for peace and comfort for her family and friends.

Peace to Tara, a very good dog and companion to my mother. I'm praying that my mother finds comfort.


I got a call from Swift Waters saying they've sold out of all my crocheted jewelry!

And Indigo Lily wants to see more of my things! I'm working on stuff! In fact I just took two runners off the loom yesterday. I'm hemming them.

This is made with a 40/2 natural colored linen warp and "shosenshi" paper (linen paper) from Habu Textiles. (I love that store so much that I had Matt take me there as a birthday present a few years ago.) The linen paper is washable, just like any other yarn.

I'm very excited about this. One will go to Indigo Lily and I will send a picture to my sister in Memphis to see if they may be interested in it at a local gallery.

My next weaving project will be some red, white, and blue towels. I will begin measuring the warp after I've decided on the color layout.

More upcycled fabric ideas! And more crocheted flowers! I think I will make some with the linen paper. cool!


  1. Thanks! That's one that could be for Riverside Gallery. I'll send pics after it's hemmed and washed.

  2. Congrats on selling all your jewelry!


  3. Thank you, Puss Daddy! Now I've got to get my ass going and make more! Hope you are well!