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Monday, June 22, 2009

Preserving the 2nd Amendment, One Bullet at a Time

How best to spend Father's Day? Golf? Fishing? A ball game? Maybe. But why not spend it with a Henry. Or a Beretta. Or a 3030 or a Ruger? Yesterday Christina and I took Matt to the DEP range in Glastonbury for Father's Day.

Matt, setting up at the range

Matt and Christina. Matt brought his spotting scope, as well.

Matt, shooting the Ruger. Christina, Sean, and I got him that for his birthday last year.

Matt, loading the Henry .22

Christina, shoots the Henry while Matt looks through the spotting scope

That's me, shooting the Henry. I love the Henry.

Father-daughter moment with the Beretta

Something that maybe should be protected by the Second Amendment, but, alas, is not.

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