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Friday, December 26, 2008

My Baby's Back!

A wonderful Christmas! Matt woke up on Christmas Eve morning happy and pretty much out of his funk. Poor baby. With his aunt's death, his father's surgery, and his oldest away on her own for Christmas for the first time - you gotta give the guy a break. Now he's out hunting. It's muzzle loader season.

Here is the finished Blooming Leaf for my stepdaughter. She loved it! I'm so glad.

We had everyone over for Christmas Eve day. I love that day. Holiday preparations are over (too late if they're not!) and hearts are big. On Christmas we visited Matt's daughter then went up to see his parents. Very good day but very tiring.

Today I went to Webs up in Northampton, only a 45 minute drive for me. They had quite the sale and I had quite the Christmas cash. No pictures yet.

However, I did find some cool buttons on Etsy, which I ordered. I want to use them with some Malabrigo yarn I bought at Webs today:
The yarn is more magenta-colored and the blue is a medium blue. It looks tie-dyed. The buttons are made by mudcakes .

So now it is almost 11 pm and the cat has given up trying to get me to go to bed, after much meowing and carrying her toy mouse upstairs for me. I really should call it a day.

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