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Friday, December 19, 2008

Coffee Calamity


I almost resorted to sucking coffee off the floor through a straw! I love my coffee maker. It's wonderful. It's a Grind and Brew. But you have to shove the basket in and make sure it is locked in or you will experience the joys of having brewing coffee bypassing the carafe, leaking onto the counter, into the drawer, down the cabinet and onto the floor. Fun. I have managed to do this not once, but at least twice in my time here. Everything is pretty much cleaned up, the coffee tastes as good as ever, but the drawer is still drying out and I will have to bleach the grout between the tiles before Matt gets home. Hopefully the rich barista smell that may linger will be like a warm homecoming to him after what will be a tedious drive home from work today. Remember, there is a "weather event" for my area.

On a good note I sold a scarf last night! Yea! I am wrapping it up and tripping off to the post office this morning before said weather event begins (sound scary, suspenseful music).

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