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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Arm Didn't Even Fall Off, Either

I finished winding the warp for Blooming Leaf and my arm didn't even fall off. And it shouldn't have, either because there are only 258 ends. Pphh! I've done way more than that.

I also started threading last night. So I'm cranking along, between that, the socks, and whatever I come up with my jewelry I have plenty to do. Plus being online, which is no easy feat with this computer. It's a step up from chiseling a stone.

It's snowy/sleety here. We are supposed to have some big weather events on Friday and Sunday. We have a Christmas party ACROSS THE STREET on Saturday, which couldn't be better. Matt can have more than one adult beverage if he wishes.

He's very quiet sad now, though, because of Aunt Alice and so am I. Plus his dad had surgery yesterday but he's doing ok but Alice was his sister. So, it's just so awful.

But I finally heard from my sister! She has been buried deep, or rather, sucked into, the whirling vortex of the January issue of Memphis Downtowner. She needs a glass of wine.

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