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Monday, December 15, 2008

My Two Left Hands

a loaf of
I finished a pair of fingerless mittens this weekend, furiously knitting while spending quality time with my husband. He was watching football yesterday. Actually, the Bills/Jets game was pretty exciting. A fire and a glass of wine would have been nice, but I think he was a little blue. Plus, as we live in the land of Puritans, liquor - I mean, "package" - stores are not open on Sundays in Connecticut.

Anyway, these were knit from one ball of yarn and the results are slightly eclectic, colorwise. I like it. It may make a nice Christmas present for someone - HMMMMMMM.

I must get started on a weaving project - two runners. One is a Christmas present!

But I did some baking this weekend, too. I made a pear-almond tea bread, a loaf of white bread, and molasses cookies. I don't know why. It's Christmas and it seemed like the fun thing to do.

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