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Monday, February 9, 2009

Back to the Routine

Matt is back. On Sunday, we spent four hours e-filing in our taxes. It seems NEVER to end. But it will be done right. I feel like I keep taking these mini trips to hell. I must have done something in a past life . . .

I made a sale on Sunday in my Etsy store! Just got back from the post office and I am here at the library where the computers go at real time, as opposed to The Sloth at home, which is so slow, I think it actually goes back in time.

Anyway, I re-took pictures of my gnomes necklace on Friday night. Had fun with that, as you can see:

Yes, I did drink it - the glass, not the bottle!
Some of my older pieces had such lousy pictures. I re-took another today:

It's amazing what you don't know until you do know.
I know. It sounds worse than some kind of Yogi Berr-ism.

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