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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Swift Waters

Yesterday I went to put in my monthly hours at Swift Waters.

It was slow, but I b.s.'ed with Deb and later rearranged and hung some pictures on the walls. I didn't bring any of my own projects to work on so I was glad that something came along.

For a virtual walk through the store visit this page.

If you are in Eastern Connecticut this Saturday be sure to go to Willimantic for the annual Chocolate Festival and Downtown Art Stroll. Check here for directions.

I took a couple of new bracelets to the store, as well,Today I am photographing a scarf and I am going to start some shawl projects.

Oh, I was in a Treasury again! They are my hemp placemats!



  1. Congratulations for being in a treasury again :)! Love those bowls!

  2. Thank you! Aren't those bowls cool? I love the display they are on, too. Wish I had that in my studio.