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Saturday, February 7, 2009


Today Matt is coming home from a business trip and it's my time to hustle around like a busy bee and clean up after myself. I wasn't too bad this time. Just a little mess here:

where I work while I'm waiting for pages to load on the computer. I have the typical mess here:

Last night I finished the green wire bracelet. The color is so cool! I need to get some nicer jump rings, though, so a trip to the bead store in on the agenda today.

I want to get on the drill press!
Ok, not LITERALLY! But I keep putting it on my to-do list and it doesn't get done. It's going to be warmer this weekend, so I have to do it!

And I don't want to forget my friend, Squirrely, whom I need to get a picture of. I have salmonella-free peanuts for him/her:


  1. Funny I came across your blog tonight. I have been cleaning like crazy also. I totally redid my workroom....painting! Still have stuff to relocate.
    By the way, great blog.

  2. Oh, thank you so much! I'd love to put up lots of shelving in my studio. That's a project for hubby.